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Released 1930 Ford Model A and Model AA

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by Harey, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. Converted from Grand Theft Auto, with permission.

    1930 Ford Model A and 1930 Ford Model AA. I will admit that neither vehicle is a perfect example. But both have working lights, and a working wiper. They both also have CG and non-CG shaders. They both only are in a single color, but the colors can be changed fairly easily

    The Model A comes equipped with a 3.3l (201 CID) L-Head-4 (Flathead inline-4). connected to it is a 3 speed manual.

    The Model AA comes equipped with the same engine as the Model A. but the transmission is a 4 speed.

    Download links below the pictures.

    Model A:

    Model AA:

    Model A: http://sdrv.ms/17cCqER

    Model AA: http://sdrv.ms/17cCuo3
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  2. Both links state:
    The file you are looking for seems to be unavailable at the moment. Please come back later.

    So I'm unable to download them using MSIE8 or Firefox.
  3. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    ...for me too, but only the gamefrontlinks...
    THX Harey,
    not tested for the mom, but looks GREAT!

    WoW...feels so good! It's a lot of fun to drive!
    Do you make a speedo too? I found a nice hires pic...


    ...GREAT Work!

    ...öhm...is it ok if i put them on my website?
  4. Really nice job of converting! I liked both cars. Also I wanted to ask, can I put them on Official Polish Racer Forum?
  5. I get the same message as Boomer. Can you please reupload?
  6. Yeah the gamefront links for some reason aren't working but filedropper does appear to be working fine.

    and yes you can put them on your website, be good to have mirrors anyways.
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  7. Very nice car, i'm impressed with the acceleration for such an old model!!! :D :D

    Mirror also on tracciontrasera ;)
  8. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    ok after some testings...i have a question...
    ...i found it at the front wheel section....are you sure about this?
  9. Whoops, pretty sure that wasn't supposed to be there lol, but it also says powered=0 right nearby.
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  10. Zippy share was the only link that worked, Thanks SwiftPL!

    Didn't try tracciontrasera.

    Got both fantastic vehicles! Love the wheels, they are really great. Horn is a little scratchy, Mirror gives poor reflection and there is a warn in the Qlog about the body that I've not seen before.

    Just a super job and I just love them. Thank you for sharing!
  11. Hello everyone I'm BACK WoOooo HoOOooooo
    eRrrr links MT [empty]
  12. Put the files on my skydrive, so hopefully they will not get deleted lol, like they did on the other links apparently. Updated the first post.
  13. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    they are also at my site...
  14. Yup, and having them in more then one place is usually a good thing :)