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Misc 17 TV sport stations logos 1.0

for cool looking replays and greater driving immersion :)

  1. gamer19 submitted a new resource:

    17 TV sport stations logos - for cool replays and driving immersion

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  2. Why is it that I don't even see the Assetto Corsa logo on my screen ??
  3. I think we can not use this logos anymore, sadly.
    You can't see their logo and that's why you can't see these my TV station logos which just replace their. It's Kunos policy from 1.1 or so version of the game. Don't know why tbh... but it's just like that. You CAN see this TV station logos in that preview/showroom enviroment but eh.... that's not real substitution. :p
    Well.... maybe in next version again, who knows.... hope never dies. :D
  4. Go to
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa\system\cfg
    open assetto_corsa and change ENABLE_DEV_APPS=0 to 1
    Now its working again ;)
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  5. You're a winner! :thumbsup:
    You made this mod work again!

    I just hope you're right, can't test it right now or all this happiness is futile. :D
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  6. Thanks! Now, is there anyway to change some configuration file and allow any apps to be placed higher at the top of the screen??