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0.8.31 wonky throttle?

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by Ian Strom, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Most of the time when I am really working the throttle trying to keep the rear wheels going and the RPM up but not going full out for some low speed squealage... it is like my throttle cable breaks or something. The gas stops responding but the other pedals and functions remain working. The engine also remains running, unlike using up all your gas.
    Interestingly despite being in gear while stationary at least this last time the car did not stall, I had to change gears for it to stall.

    However, if you stall the car then start it again the throttle seems to go back to working.

    Throttle went out, slowed car to a stop without changing gear, car still ran, shift to N, shift to 1st, car stalls, start, throttle works.

    I know, minor issue but I am curious if anyone else has seen this.
    So far I have had it with the BMW e30m3_race and a 90 Camaro IROC-Z, have not tested for it in other cars, but it sounds to me like a Racer bug instead of a car bug.

    And yes, autoclutch is completely off in Racer and the car.ini.

    For those new to this thread, this has been seen in both 0.8.31 and 0.8.32
  2. i've noticed this too on carlswood with the lamborghini, it seems like the physics break down. the throttle gets stuck and it'll keep doing burnout for several seconds (eg 7-8) before it releases and goes back to normal. it seems to occur when at WOT (wide open throttle) on the grass at low speed.
  3. Unfortunately, that is a different issue that has been around for a while. :(
  4. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    I just had this.. I think it was this error. My car was going fine, then when I stopped driving the RPM dropped and it stalled, it started fine and idled fine, but when I tried to rev it up the RPM would start going up then the throttle would cut out and it would drop and do this again and again until it stalled again. When I turned the driving aids on and off (it doesn't even have any..) it fixed it..
  5. If it happens again check the output, I cannot remember what number it is on, and see if Racer is seeing your throttle move.(it kinda sounds like it though if the RPM goes up at all) When it happens to me Racer thinks my throttle is not moving at all until a 'fix' is applied.

    Oh and to clarify, using my G25's shifter (freeshift=on) does not make things go back to normal but shifting with the paddles that I never reassigned and do not touch does. I will have to try flipping the driving aids on and off suggestion sometime.