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Yamaha Team Colours corrected 2014-09-10

I've tried to set the colours of the Yamaha Team a lil bit more realistic

  1. CalicoJack
    Yamaha Team Colour Mod!

    Moviestar logo on the front corrected,
    Colours of both Bikes correted
    the yellow is mutch brighter now @ Rossi's helmet
    Rossi leather set mutch darker now
    Lorenzo leather set a lil bit lighter and brighter

    Install with ReMixer


    PS: never forgett to create a backup File ;-)


    1. Lorenzo New.jpg
    2. Rossi New.jpg
    3. 1.jpg
    4. 2.jpg
    5. 3.jpg
    6. 4.jpg
    7. 5.jpg
    8. 6.jpg

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