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VRC Mclarem MP4/22 V0.2 – 20 Skins F1 2007 0.3

VRC Mclarem MP4/22 V0.2 – 20 Skins F1 2007 updated 0.3

    VRC Mclaren MP4/22 V0.2 - 20 Skins F1-2007 updated 0.3

    Updated of paintings and sponsors of nose cone in cars:
    Renault / Ferrari / Honda / Toyota / Red Bull / Williams / Spyker / Super Aguri.

    Updating paintings and sponsors on the side car, cockpit and rear wing :
    Renault / Honda / BMW Sauber / Toyota / Williams / Spyker / Super Aguri.

    Updated of paintings on the steering wheel of the cars:
    Sauber and Williams.

    Updated of paint for helmets.

    Updated of paint for wheels.

    02.jpg 03.jpg 04.jpg 05.jpg 06.jpg 07.jpg 08.jpg 09.jpg 10.jpg

    Credits for Samthestupid, who contributed a lot with the configuration of the files:
    Mhs-car-body / mhs-body-sponsors / preview / ui_skin.json / vrc mp4-22 body map /
    Vrc mp4-22 nose cone map and MP4-22 Wheel map.
    Thanks Sam! :)

    Unfortunately it is still not possible to solve the problem of painting mirror and sponsors.
    I am confident and awaiting the resolution of the problem in the next update of the VRC.

    I need to improve the paintings and details on the wheels of the cars, if anyone can help me
    I provide credits for work.

    Thanks for the good ideas and encouragement from the people who send me messages to do this update.

    Download mod:

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