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Val de Vienne 2017 V1.01

Val de Vienne 2017 for RFactor 2

  1. fabfr06
    Val de Vienne 2017 for rFactor 2

    The track is 3 729 m at le Vigeant , France



    Made With BTB , 3Dsimed , Photoshop , and Google from scratch by ƒab
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Recent Reviews

  1. CobraCat
    Version: V1.01
    great track! I wish this was in Assetto Cosra as well !

    well done !
  2. Foresight
    Version: V1.01
    nice track, i was surprise myself racing over and over.
    like another one say, the camera replay are very well : make me think of gran turismo or forza.

    i am grateful you did this mod, in italia we say grazie mille ! :)
  3. Miroslav Davidovic
    Miroslav Davidovic
    Version: 1.01
    Wow, very nice track! Lot of love spent on the vegetation it seems. The track side cams are spectacular at times (for rf2 standards), at least with faster cars. The low moving one on the long straight is ace!
    Great work, thank you!
  4. Fanapryde
    Version: 1.01
    A rather unknown track (for me that is), but it is a real fun one. Suitable for all sorts of cars . I already used it for several hours now (most with the Caterham and Miata) and I do like it.
    My first laps were with the Flat 6 and I was not really up to pace with the AI - takes some time to get the flow of the track I guess... ;-)
    It is very well made, lots of detail, feels good, looks good. A high quality addition to the sim.
    Thanks for sharing !