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URD to ES - Aston Add on (Optional) v1

URD to ES - Aston Add on (Optional)

  1. Crivitz Chris
    This is an optional addon to the previously released "URD to ES" skin set


    This adds the URD Aston Martins of the skins that I have collected to the ES mod.

    PLEASE NOTE: As the original ES mod has Aston Martins, this will cause a "duplicate" skins to be added. One URD version, one ES version from their original mod.

    Please do not thank me, please thank the artists as I only did the easy bit.

    Other artists who have approved their work and will be coming soon
    Graham Botha
    If I have missed you please let me know an I will add you!
    GRAB_071.JPG GRAB_072.JPG GRAB_073.JPG
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