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Stock Car Brasil 09-12 for GSCE 1.0

Stock Car Brasil

  1. lobisomem
    MOD Stock Car Brasil 09-12 for GSCE

    Stock Car Brasil 2009-2012

    2009 Skins: Vitor Souza
    2010 skins: Reiza Studios
    2011 Skins: Vitor Souza
    2012 skins: Reiza Studios
    Compilation by Lobisomem (João Gilberto)

    Installing this mod is without prejudice and does not interfere with the original game. Create a new MOD in game menu.

    By being independent, he has the option of creating the following servers
    - Only season 2009
    - Only season 2010
    - Only season 2011
    - Only season 2012

    Copy GameData and Rfm folders to the main game folder

    OBS.: Tested only in v1.52 version!!


    1. GSC 2016-01-03 06-18-15-48.jpg
    2. GSC 2016-01-03 06-18-52-55.jpg
    3. GSC 2016-01-03 06-19-28-25.jpg
    4. GSC 2016-01-03 06-20-02-16.jpg
    5. GSC 2016-01-03 06-21-33-48.jpg
    6. GSC 2016-01-03 06-22-10-19.jpg
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  1. TelepathicCow
    Version: 1.0
    Great job.