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Satsuma Gauges(dashboard,tacho,extra)(Silvia S15 Nismo style) 2017-11-23

a texture for Satsuma's gauges

  1. Anthony564
    This is my first mod, so if i made any mistake please tell me(also apologize for my shitty English since its not my main language)

    This mod is inspired by Silvia S15 Nismo cluster

    You will need Unity Assets Explorer aka UAE to install the
    texture mod(well all texture mods)
    and you need to install it in sharedassets3
    dashboard.jpg extra gauges.jpg tachometer.jpg
    ^these are the photos from file
    and below is in-game 20171123211949_1.jpg

    also if you want a additional rpm gauge mod please tell me

Recent Reviews

  1. CubeOfIce
    Version: 2017-11-23
    I love it!