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ReShade 3.0 Ultimate Realistic Experience 2016-10-26

Graphics Mod

  1. dejanibanez
    ReShade 3.0 Ultimate Realistic Experience
    Only for high-end hardware!

    (configured on Radeon R9 290X)

    After some serious tweaking and experimenting with ReShade 3.0 I was able to configure the most realistic graphics mod for F1 2014. Now it looks better then F1 2015 and F1 2016, it looks superb :). But it is very demanding. To run 60fps on max settings on 1920x1080 you need high-end graphic card. Just extract the .rar in your game folder!




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Recent Reviews

  1. pepe1414
    Version: 2016-10-26
    Great work, does it work with f1 2013?