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Petronas Raceline Malaysia Moto2™ Valencia Test 2015 livery and UPDATE on El Pescao number #55 2015-02-12

Valencia Test livery for Petronas Raceline Malaysia Moto2™ 2015 and #55 update. ENJOY!

  1. irfanzaidi
    This is Valencia test skin for Petronas Raceline Malaysia team in Moto2™.

    Im sorry for any confusion.

    Use ReMixer, copy to CONTENT/MOTO2/BIKES/BIKE351/PICTURES and pack to the CONTENT.MIX in DLC1.
    Thank yoU! ENjOY!

    55hafizhsyahrin_m4g_9324_original (1).jpg

    MotoGP14 2015-02-12 23-40-33-16.jpg MotoGP14 2015-02-12 23-43-57-72.jpg MotoGP14 2015-02-12 23-44-24-14.jpg MotoGP14 2015-02-12 23-45-27-18.jpg 55hafizhsyahrin_m4g_9324_original (1).jpg