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Original physics for F1SR 1992 (Active Suspension) 1.1

F1 1992 Mod

  1. Caio Maioral
    This is F1 1992 physics for rFactor using as base the F1 1992 F1SR version 2.0. Now, you can have the pleasure to drive the Williams with active suspension and the powerfull Renault engine.

    You will see the difference between Mansell's Williams and Senna's McLaren.

    The unreliable Senna's McLaren is here for you remember good times in Formula One. I based me in 1992 F1SR and physics file of Bibibobobu, and so all credits for them.

    Enjoy! [​IMG]


    1° Just copy the files inside this folder: #:\rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\F1_1992_F1SR
    2° Delete .hdv file from F1_1992_F1SR folder


    1. 20170108200339_1.jpg
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