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My Texture Pack 4.0 - INSTALLER!

My texture pack

  1. Installer and other

    Hey! I make`d installer and you can instal this for any version! If there is no file in the version, the installer will skip it
    1. Texture for new toolbox
    2. Texture shirt for NPC
    3. New money texture
    4. New rally wheel
    5. Bugfix
    What I want to do:
    1. Improve the quality of textures, remove visible seams.
    2. Fix some bugs
    3. Other.
    Привет! Я сделал автоустановщик, и вы можете установить текстурпак для любой версии! Если в версии нет нужного файла, установщик...
  2. Bugfix

    1. Bugfix
    2. Update rally wheel. Credit to @Pops3493
    1. Баг фикс
    2. Улучшен раллийный руль.
  3. A new, final, version.

    1. Information about the author is returned.
    2. A small addition in a tent.
    3. New taillights. credit to @bieejapan
    4. Cola instead of beer.
    5. A new black box from under the cola.
    6. New NPC truck.
    7. New numbers for cars.
    8. A new cement texture and the entrance to the house.
    9. Asphalted gravel.
    10. A new mail box.
    11. A new texture of rust.
    12. Temporarily cubes are painted in red.
  4. Update for 19/04/17

    Update for 19/04/17
    Added new traffic sign
    Added new cash register
    Added new flashlight
    Added some new traffic cars
    Added new slot machine
    Added new envelope
    Added new store eqipment (credit to @BlasthGamer)
    Added new landfill
    Added new jonnez paint
    Added new doors
    Added new train
    Added new auto windows
    Added new bus (credit to @mogge )
    Added new boat
    Added new Kijjy maker (i don`t know what is this)
    Added new lamp
    Added new boy bed...