• "Mwoah" - Kimi Räikkönen
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Mika Hakkinen 1998 Helmet 2017-09-10

Requested Helmet

  1. Marnesvs
    A requested classic helmet, Mika Hakkinen 1998 :thumbsup: Preview.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Vitaly71
    Version: 2017-09-10
    Excellent helmet, thank you so much. If possible, do the same with the Honda emblem instead of the Mercedes star.
  2. henr.p1
    Version: 2017-09-10
    Brilliant! I will use it in my career...

    I'd like to have Sergio Sette Camara's helmet, can you make it?
  3. Nedvedez
    Version: 2017-09-10
    Ayyy, thanks man, didn't know if you'd seen my message :) Looks great, is it ever possible to use this helmet with classic cars and time trial? As i currently can't get my custom helmet to work when in classic cars.
    1. Marnesvs
      Author's Response
      It is possible you have to edit the incardriver.erp file in your F1 2017/asset_groups/animation_package/scenes/incardriver/1980 folder. You will replace the same generic helmet file that you use for your career helmet and save but it will overwrite the mipmaps from your main career helmet. Now when you are playing say time trial you will see your classic helmet. The only catch is that you will have to replace your normal F1 2017/asset_groups/animation_package/scenes/incardriver/2017 generic helmet again once you want to use modern cars because they both share the same mipmap files unless you do two different career helmets and swap them ingame everytime one for classic and one for modern. I hope this makes sense.