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Martini Ducati 1.0

Martini Ducati

  1. Thimoty Decrans

    Martini Racing Ducati


    -Bike in HD for Hayden,Dovi and custom player
    -numbers in double res
    -menu images
    -suits for hayden ,Dovi and custom player

    Install: Copy the folders GFXPAK and MOTOGP place it in your (unzipped) modding folder and let overwrite,repack your MOTOGP.Mix and GFXPACK.MIX
    Read below on how to...

    Thnx to ML for the 3Dmodels/Psd files
    More skins on www.zelimper.com

    Youtube movie on how to install bikes


    Bikes are in the MotoGP.MIX
    Custom player helmets in GFX.MIX
    Suits are in the GFXPAK.MIX


    ask in the release thread on

    want to ride a decent mgp league?