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indianapolis 3 tracks 2016-06-16

indianapolis 3 tracks

  1. jajafrison
    indianapolis 3 tracks:
    -indianapolis 500
    -indianapolis 400
    -indianapolis GP
    (NO DRS)
    More cars,tracks and skins here:
    GRAB_038.JPG GRAB_040.JPG GRAB_039.JPG

Recent Reviews

  1. Edivad82
    Version: 2016-06-16
    Very good. I drive mainly on F1 layout. Thanks
  2. julien2324
    Version: 2016-06-16
    great work !!!
    question : do U have a tuto rial to make track in rf2 or AMS ?
    i known 3ds max well as a 3d Architectural Info...
    thanks a lot
  3. runwaymadness55
    Version: 2016-06-16
    Because there was effort involved.