• Goodbye Dan Gurney, and thanks for the memories...
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GT Distance cam for Black Cat County Long 1.01

new additional camera set

  1. Grand Tourist
    In addition to my latest resource, this update of an additional cam set for Black Cat County (long). A distance cam (mainly), filming the Porsche 917K in a golden brown scenery of the County.

Recent Reviews

  1. Phoenix77
    Version: 1.0
    Very nice job on these :)
    1. Grand Tourist
      Author's Response
      Dude, you're one star short :/
  2. ronniej
    Version: 1.0
    Thank you sir! Sry to hear about you work getting wasted with the latest template change from Kunos.
    1. Grand Tourist
      Author's Response
      Thx for the support, 95% credits to blackcelica for the suits in all honesty but it did mess up all of my skin packs and race liveries :(