• "Auto racing began 5 minutes after the second car was built." - Henry Ford
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FORD ESCORT RS1600: Bust Rucket Racing 2.0

I hope you've had your shots.

  1. The UGLY ON THE INSIDE update.

    Ben Dovah
    The cabin now has more "charm" and is a little more fleshed out than before.

    You also have a choice of two shitty flavours:
    • "RACECAR!!" (still has racing numbers)
    • Just plain shitty. (doesn't)
    There is an issue with the interior's distance...
  2. The Very rough placeholder interior update.

    Ben Dovah
    I've added a very rushed interior to the car. It's pretty low standard, but it has cigarette buts and gaffer tape.. So there's that.

    This is just a placeholder. A proper interior will be uploaded in the next few weeks.
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