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BMW M4 - RSM Motorsport "Retro"-Skinpack 1.0

3 Skins for BMW M4 / M4 Akrapovic

  1. <<Raijin>>
    Fictional racing liveries, inspired by some painting work I did for SimBin's "GTR - FIA GT Racing Game" about 10 years ago.

    - Two skins including previews and menu icons for BMW M4 (#72 & #73)
    - One skin including previews and menu icons for BMW M4 Akrapovic (#78)
    - Custom pitboard / pitstand
    - Custom driver / crew textures

    Skins by <<Raijin>>
    Screenshot_ks_bmw_m4_ks_nordschleife_25-3-116-0-0-34.jpg Screenshot_ks_bmw_m4_ks_nordschleife_25-3-116-0-0-50.jpg Screenshot_ks_bmw_m4_ks_nordschleife_25-3-116-0-4-47.jpg Screenshot_ks_bmw_m4_ks_nordschleife_25-3-116-0-5-40.jpg
    Screenshot_ks_bmw_m4_akrapovic_ks_nordschleife_24-3-116-23-48-42.jpg Screenshot_ks_bmw_m4_akrapovic_ks_nordschleife_24-3-116-23-49-20.jpg
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    Version: 1.0
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    Version: 1.0
    Great skins pack , thanks mate !