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BMW M3 E30 GrA - Schumann Motorsport 2017-04-01

tribute to original BMW 635 CSI

  1. schUPpor
    I really like tha 635 CSI a lot since I first saw it on the Nordschleife at VLN. I wish that car was in Assetto Corsa... meanwhile I might do some laps with the 635 livery on the E30. Hope you like it

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Recent Reviews

  1. Fidanza99
    Version: 2017-04-01
    thanks for the good job
  2. maranello78
    Version: 2017-04-01
    Excellent!!! love that beast!!! still one of my favourite AC cars, thank you very much 5 stars for you
  3. BenYssa
    Version: 2017-04-01
    thank you