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2017 Polish Driver Names X#2

drivers change in language_pol fille :)

  1. niestuy123
    PL. Mod zmienia kierowców 2016 na 2017 w wersji polskiej :)
    ENG. This Mod change 2016 to 2017 drivers names in polish lng fille
    how to install
    language_pol.lng fille copy into localisation folder in main folder off game :)


    1. 42E6597A00000578-4753018-image-m-79_1501668418116.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. KS Kocpis
    KS Kocpis
    Version: 2017-08-07
    Świetny mod. DZIĘKI
    1. niestuy123
      Author's Response
      Dziękuje :)