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2010 Ford Fiesta - COMBiLiFT Livery - Moffett Brothers 2016-06-17

Two unique versions of the Moffett brothers 2010 Ford Fiesta Combilift

  1. Conor óg Muldoon
    Two Unique additions of the COMBiLiFT Livery

    Livery 1-
    DSV Transport & Logistics
    Sam Moffett & Co-Driver Karl Atkinson
    Rally Wales

    Livery 2 - Kaeser Compressors Monaghan
    Josh Moffett & Co-Driver John Rowan
    Triton National Rally Championship

    To Install: Dirt Rally > cars > models > ffr > *replace Livery 42 (DSV car) and Livery 44 (Kaeser Compressors car)


    1. CJpBQYdWcAAfGJZ.jpg
    2. CdQbtnuWAAAhl66.jpg
    3. 8269.jpg
    4. CgzsyR5WgAALMvi.jpg
    5. B9LHHVfIYAARHwU.jpg
    6. RCS_Plains_S-Moffett_Racingist.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. British_Biscui
    Version: 2016-06-17
    Nice detailed skin!
    1. Conor óg Muldoon
      Author's Response
      Your welcome!
  2. Goozys
    Version: 2016-06-17
    1. Conor óg Muldoon
      Author's Response
      Thanks, few minor fixes to do so keep watch for that