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1980`s Helmets for Career 1.1

1980`s Helmets for Career

  1. BottasFan
    1980`s Helmets for Career
    Replaced Gen No.1-11
    1. Niki Lauda or Clay Regazzoni, because they are the same
    2. Alan Jones
    3. Alain Prost
    4.Nigel Mansell
    5. Damon Hill
    6.Mika Häkkinen
    7. Saturo Nakajima
    8. Michael Schumacher
    9. Gerhard Berger
    10. Mario Andretti
    11. Emerson Fittipaldi


    1. 2013-12-19_00006.jpg
    2. 2013-12-19_00007.jpg
    3. 2013-12-19_00008.jpg
    4. 2013-12-19_00009.jpg
    5. 2013-12-19_00010.jpg
    6. 2013-12-19_00011.jpg
    7. 2013-12-19_00012.jpg
    8. 2013-12-19_00013.jpg
    9. 2013-12-19_00002.jpg
    10. 2013-12-19_00003.jpg
    11. 2013-12-19_00001.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Dmitry Sorokin
    Dmitry Sorokin
    Version: 1.1
    Soulful! What the doctor ordered!
  2. karina-moskva
    Version: 1.1
    cool !