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General Zenkai Racing paymods

I recently found out about a sim hardware and software distributor from japan known as ZENKAI Racing.
While they primarily sell hardware they also have three mods for AC; two cars, and one track.
The cars are the following:
  • "Super-FJ;" a Japanese-specific junior formula category, below F4; similar to the Skip Barber Formula 2000 in the USA.
  • Japanese F4; based on the DOME-F110 chassis and Toyota ZR engine as opposed to the Mygale chassis and Ford Ecoboost unit that the RSS F4 is based on.
And the track is Twin Ring Motegi, though I don't know which of the layouts are included.

I get that Zenkai Racing are targeting a much more dedicated, hardcore sim racing market than myself, but the prices for the cars and the track are very steep.

The two junior formula cars I mentioned cost ¥9,800 JPY apiece, and Zenkai's version of Motegi costs ¥39,800.

Adjusted to the GBP, the F4 and FJ cars are just over £63 each and Motegi is more than £258.

Has anyone here tried these cars? They seem interesting but the fact they cost more than a brand-new AAA game each is making me hold off. As for Motegi, that track is way too rich for my blood so I will settle for the URD version.


Zero info about their expensive Motegi, and URD’s version is well, a mess.... neither sounds interesting
Not much info about their cars either.

Companies putting their first and only mods behind a massive paywall is usually a red flag.


With crazy prices like that, there shouldn't be a hint of a doubt regarding the quality or origin of the mods. Any doubt = no buy.