Your top three racing sims

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  1. BeatonicTiger


    I’m trying to gather a summary of the best racing sims / simcades available and where I should be focusing my time. I see mixed feelings and opinions for certain titles and some seem be “cool to hate”.

    I wanna know your top 3 favourite racing sims. One is usually hard to choose but three opens things up a little. Make it YOUR top three and not what you think the racing community would pick. Have no shame for what you enjoy.

    Reasons and explanations are optional.
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  2. aleph


    Best racing simulator: Automobilista (AMS), hands down. Superb FFB, amazing AI, very realistic in all aspects. Outdated graphics engine (but still quite good), no VR support. Dynamic night/day cycle, dynamic track, no rain. Lots of track mods available. Exciting car choices, including many generations of F1 cars. Runs on any PC. My all-time favorite racing game. (EDIT: If your are into online racing, be aware that there are few players available online at all times and most racing is done through leagues. However, the AI is so good that the offline experience is equally rewarding - and demanding.)

    Best simcade: Forza 7, which could more appropriately be called a "car simulator". Over 700 cars, hundreds of tracks, acceptable FFB, gorgeous graphics. Plenty of customization options for cars. No VR, no dynamic time or weather; you can race in the rain or at night in some tracks, but that has to be chosen separately. Plenty of online & offline activities, lots of fun. (A bit more into arcade territory, I could also mention Forza Horizon 4)

    Middle-of-the-way: Project Cars 2. Hundreds of cars, variable FFB – sometimes excellent, sometimes lacking. AI also tends to vary a bit between different cars/weather conditions. Wonderful graphics, great VR support, full day/night cycle, dynamic weather, dynamic track, even different seasons. No modding. For people who want realistic racing but don't want the learning curve that goes with AMS.

    Of course this is purely a matter of preference. These are just my go-to games. I would also mention Assetto Corsa, which is a remarkable game, but does not have dynamic time/weather and does not offer many car/track options out of the box, although this is made up by the huge number of mods – with varying quality – available. After Forza 7, it is probably the game with most online players. And there is also rFactor 2, which has arguably the best racing engine overall, but is affected by somewhat uninteresting choices of cars/tracks and lack of a career mode. I like it at lot, but I almost never play it. This may change with the forthcoming release of the AMS pack for rFactor 2.
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  3. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld
    RaceDepartment Founder Staff Premium

    1. Automobilista for me as well for the same reasons as explained above. First by a long stretch even for it's versatility and easy way to operate both the game as the server
    2. Assetto Corsa Competizione, new in the top 3 because of the bling bling and physics
    3. RaceRoom Racing Experience: easy to fire up. Great sounds.
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  4. tlsmikey


    1. Automobilista
    2. iRacing
    3. Assetto Corsa
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  5. smasha


    Grand Prix Legends
    Nascar Racing 2003
    Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix 4

    Fond memories of these three,still hold up too with the modding community.

    Vroc,"hold onto your butt!"

    Sorry,I am an old fuddy duddy who still holds his Tull and Genesis records close to his heart.

    All titles had fantastic ai especially GP4 and were revolutionary steps in simracing but I guess I could go back to F1GP and Indianapolis 500 on the Amiga,they were my first sims,driving with a Quickshot Pro digital joystick or a mouse with a ball you had to clean all the time.

    For today , I agree with the above posts,AMS ,Assetto Corsa and Iracing for mine.
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  6. David Peres

    David Peres

    1. Automobilista - It feels to me like the most polished/complete sim available at the moment and since I bought it it became my most played sim by far. Love the physics, FFB, AI (my favourite in simracing), sounds, cars, tracks, and the graphics look reasonable altough I would love to see Reiza making a big step up in that front for their next sim.

    2 and 3 would be Assetto and Raceroom for now, but not sure in which order. I have issues with both of them: in Assetto it's the lack of proper race rules and more complete series, as well as the AI being too passive, and in Raceroom it's the old physics still being used in many cars and the very slow development of some important missing features. It's possible that they might be replaced by rFactor 2 and Assetto Competezione in the future. rF2 still feels to me like an unfinished beta at the moment, but gradually it's starting to become more appealing.
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  7. Kurupt CDN

    Kurupt CDN
    DirtT Tuned Motorsports

    I am gonna assume your fairly new to sim racing and looking for advice on which titles to get into?

    Also curious if you have created a similar thread on another form to get feedback from other communities so you don't end up with a RD based opinion.

    I can pretty much tell you what the top 3 sims will be if your going by rd feedback, but I won't :)

    Instead of asking for opinions of others......
    I got some questions for you, that might help find the perfect game for yourself.

    What racing titles have you played in the past?
    What type of gamer are you?
    What type of setup do you have ?
    Vr or monitor?
    Casual, fun or competitive?

    Are you looking for a feature rich title or basic?
    Whats more important single player or multiplayer?
    What style of racing do you enjoy?

    Rally, GT3, open wheelers etc.?
    Are you comfortable adding mods or perfer official content thats ready to go?
    Are you on a budget or free to spend?

    Kinda wish I had asked my self these questions when I first got into pc racing, as it would have saved me alot of money and space on my hdd with the amount I wasted on titles I don't play lol

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