Your Press Director is Calling You!

To fulfill my obligation to the league as Press Director, I want to call forth a meeting of all the media departments in FSR and find some new volunteers who want to be involved in FSR more closely. The meeting will take maybe an hour and I ask for all current members of press/multimedia/broadcast departments to TRY to be there. It is understandable if you cannot, and in that case I will tell you at a suitable time what the situation is. This meeting will be a round-table discussion where I will present a proposal and everyone will voice their opinions on what changes should be made so that the quality and quantity of media releases increases without creating an unmanageable workload. In addition, anyone who is interested in being involved in the media departments (ie. writing articles, making videos), they should come to the meeting as well to get a general idea of what they can expect. There is no obligation if you show up, so anyone who is curious enough should come.

I ask that ALL members of the media department add me on MSN, if they haven't done so already, at vanio_kal@yahoo(.)com . Also, anyone who has any questions whatsoever about working in the media departments, feel free to ask me on MSN as well.

Finally, the question you all have been asking: When will this meeting take place? :confused:
Well, the plan is to have it on Sunday, May 30th at any time from 16 GMT to 22 GMT. PLEASE respond to this post what time would be most suitable for you within that time frame and if you will be able to make it or not. I will reply on Thursday or Friday what time it will officially be. I look forward to seeing you guys there and hearing your ideas and opinions. :D
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