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Your favourite car/series and why?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Lee Ross, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Lee Ross

    Lee Ross

    For me nothing can touch the Grand AM's with it's mixed class of the Riley and stang. Love the lap out behind the safety car and getting the " green, green, green! " it just feels special to me, has a wicked atmosphere that although all the series i race i get that buzz sat on the line, the Grand AM's just have that something extra for me. No other sim gives me that buzz! Ok from time to time in a club/league race you get it with other sims but it's very rare for me to get like i do with iRacing, it feels real intense like it really means something. Maybe i'm just a crazy man that's get's too immersed in it all :D

    I love the longer races, i also love the V8's.

    Off topic slightly, i was so looking forward to rFactor 2 but you know what? I really couldn't give 2 hoots about that right now. All other sims just feel so stale and aged now.
  2. Stuart Whitehead

    Stuart Whitehead

    It has to be the Lotus for me. The car is so unique and exciting to drive, and the drivers in that series are generally a lot better behaved than a lot of series.

    Used to love the Riley/Radical series as the cars were not too mismatched speed wise. The Mustangs are just a pain in the backside for Riley drivers imho.

    I feel the same about RF2. Ill probably pick it up to hotlap cars around the Targa Florio track when that's released, but apart from that it holds no interest at all.

    netKar Pro is still the best driving experience, but the dodgy netcode will always be a let down. If only iracing had netKars physics and tyre feel I'd be in sim heaven.
  3. Corey Slade

    Corey Slade

    For me Grand-Am

    Al thou im Aussie and really into the v8's i love watching Sports Car Racing such as ALMS and Grand-Am for examples.

    Its great fun running the mixed classes with varied speed and really makes you think.

    I cant wait for the LMP2 to come out later in the year and the ford GT hopefully we then get the Vette, Ford GT and LMP2 in a ALMS style series.
  4. William Nowell

    William Nowell

    This is a hard one for me. Currently I am really into the Lotus, this car is so hard to master(not that I've master any of the cars). The sound just makes me smile whenever I jump on the gas. My all time fav is the the DP. There is usually always a full grid and the racing can be unpredictable with the mustang tossed in there. And where do I start with the Dallara on road courses. I think I have to many cars to choose from, if that is possible. Did I mention that I am an iracing fan boy?
  5. Joe Hubbard

    Joe Hubbard

    I'm with you William as a iRacing fanboy... However I have only driven the MX-5, Skip Barber, Vette, Star Mazda, and F1 in any great extent. Out of those I have to say the Star Mazda is my favorite. Perhaps when I have the ability to get the other cars my opinion will change but until now there it is. Now I do like the Vette as a owner of a 1990 Vette in real life but BOY do they drive different in game...lol... I do not know if there is just that large of a difference say in the models used in game to mine in real life but if mine drove like the one in game I would have been dead a LONG time ago... The F1 is the reason I actually looked into iRacing however I just cannot make myself drive it until they have more appropriate tracks for it. I mean seriously, F1 at LimeRock... hahaha... I know there are a few tracks large enough to hold it but it's not there just yet in my opinion. When they get the few tracks that I have seen in the making out it will be better I would think. Maybe a better way to put that is it just doesn't seem right without more actual F1 tracks.

    The Three that I do not have that I am interested the most in getting are the DP, Lotus, and Indy. The DP just looks cool and looks like a ton of fun. The Lotus, well that is just old school F1 and what could be better? Indy, well it's open wheel so that is a big plus to me and it has the Indy 500 do I need to say anything else?
  6. Flavien Vidal

    Flavien Vidal

    For now, I'm still in love with the MX5... it's just my kind of car. Relatively slow, everyday car (more or less), tons of fun, made for door to door racing.
    But, also, just like in real life, I love big sloppy american cars... I bought the mustang a week ago and well... it's a mustang. And I love it!
    Really tons of fun, got what I expected, but I might now share my time between the MX5 and the Stang ;)
  7. Will Marquez

    Will Marquez

    For me, my favorite series is the Star Mazda. Love open wheelers, main reason why I added the FREX shift+ and F1 open top wheel to my cockpit was because of this car as I wanted to immerse myself that much more so it would feel like I'm driving the real thing. Haven't been able to be as involved as I would like to this season in this car as I feel like I improved slightly than last season as I was still learning it then. Second, even though there isn't a series of official iRacing races for this car, the MX-5 for me is something that brings me back to the days where I first started simracing and that was racing in the ATCC here on RD. Close bumper to bumper, side by side racing. Just something about it for me. Add on top of that, learning how to get better with heel and toe technique makes it a very fun car for me to drive.
  8. George Pilkington

    George Pilkington

    I'm enjoying the MX5 league alot.
    The williams around LRP is a total blast... So fast you dont have time to blink, corner after corner... works for me.
    Iracing fan boy in the making.
  9. Hampus Andersson

    Hampus Andersson

    Grand Am without a doubt.

    Agree with everything Ross said. It´s just so cool to drive that series.
    The best part is that even though a guy is faster then you and he´s 5-6 seconds ahead, you can still catch him if your lucky.
    If you get stuck behind a mustang your 5 seconds of lead is gone and you have the guy right up your ass :)

    Sometimes you get past the mustang really good and don´t lose anytime, hoping that they will cause problems for the guy behind.

    I still think the mustangs are a bit of a hazard on some tracks but most of the time it´s not that bad.
  10. Paul Landis

    Paul Landis

    I've only been doin iRacing about 1 month but so far its the Lotus and the DP for me. I've done 99% of my sim racing either on GP2 or GPL so I am used to the open wheelers. The DP feels the most immediately comfortable to me as well as the skippy. The Lotus feeels very comfortable to but I cant really push that car yet. I love the MX5( I had a 1994 and did a bit of autocross with it) but am having a hard time getting any speed out of it--definitely a different driving style that the open wheelers!!
  11. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    I never really focused on series much. I also didn't renew my sub for the past summer now that i renewed i have just been trying out cars to maybe focus on a series coming this SE1. A long time i was thinking it would be ovals Nation Wide + an odd truck but .... RD got me back on left+right turns and now i really like the Mazda and Vette. Cant do both not enough time probably do a SM season first.
  12. Josh Pruett

    Josh Pruett

    I used to really hate the DP, but know that I have spent a little time with it I find it very enjoyable. Also the stang and mx-5 are very fun to drive.
  13. Flavien Vidal

    Flavien Vidal

    Just did my first race in mustang. Finished 5th in the top split... Was third the first 13 laps then got hit from behind so I could not drive correctly anymore...
    TONS of fun!
    Might very well be my next favorite serie and replace the MX5 a little :)
    I simply loved it!
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