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  1. KnuckleheadFIN


    I want to know how fast you people are. In this thread you can share your best lap times on all tracks, but remember to tell all the critical information, such as car, weather, driver-aids and for example what type of controller you use.

    Just for the comparasion here's all the fastest qualifying laps of 2012:

    Australia: 1.24.922, Hamilton
    Malaysia: 1.36.219, Hamilton
    China: 1.35.121, Rosberg
    Bahrain: 1.32.422, Vettel
    Spain: 1.21.707, Hamilton (EX)
    Monaco: 1.14.301, Schumacher
    Canada: 1.13.784, Vettel
    Europe: 1.38.086, Vettel
    Great Britain: 1.46.279, Vettel (Wet, Q1)
    Germany: 1.15.693, Räikkönen (Q1)
    Hungary: 1.20.953, Hamilton
    Belgium: 1.47.573, Button
    Italy: 1.24.010, Hamilton
    Singapore: 1.46.362, Hamilton
    Japan: 1.30.839, Vettel
    Korea: 1.37.242, Webber
    India: 1.25.283, Vettel
    Abu Dhabi: 1.40.630, Hamilton
    United States: 1.35.657, Vettel
    Brazil: 1.12.458, Hamilton

    Here's my laps:

    Australia: 1.26.635 (Sauber)
    Malaysia: 1.35.604
    China: 1.37.106
    Bahrain: 1.31.633
    Spain: 1.21.595
    Monaco: 1.14.184
    Canada: 1.11.449
    Europe: 1.37.848
    Great Britain: 1.30.687
    Germany: 1.15.587
    Hungary: 1.20.199
    Belgium: 1.51.502
    Italy: 1.21.127
    Singapore: 1.43.868
    Japan: 1.38.256 (Wet)
    Korea: 1.42.838
    India: 1.29.041
    Abu Dhabi: 1.42.678
    United States: 1.42.236
    Brazil: 1.12.438

    All of the times are done with the Red Bull car and in dry conditions unless noted, some of the times are flat out and some not, because I don't want to be on pole in every single race. I drove all of them using a keyboard since my pad is broken. I use medium traction control and Abs, since with keyboard it is almost impossible to drive without them. Also I only used quick setups, since I'm not good at setting the car up.

    The times might not be the fastest I've ever done, but they are the fastest I have written down, I remember doing a 1.26-something in India and under 1.40 in USA.
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  2. Kristian Nenov

    Kristian Nenov

    First question - Valteri Bottas.

    About my laptimes...

    Australia - 1.23.4 on Primes
    Malaysia - 1.33.2 on Primes
    China - 1.32.3 on Options
    Bahrain - 1.29.1 on Options
    Spain - 1.19.3 on Primes
    Monaco - 1.10.8 on Options
    Valencia - never driven on it. hate that track.
    Silverstone - 1.28.high as far as I remember. - Options
    Hockenheim - 1.12.8 on Options
    Hungary - 1.18.5 on Primes
    Spa - 1.44.2 on Primes
    Singapore - 1.39.mid - had no practice, so the lap was completely terrible. The limit is around 1 second faster
    Japan - 1.30.8 on Options, again had no practice, I think mid to low 30s are possible.
    Korea - never been there.
    India - haven't been there on f1 2012.
    Abu Dhabi - haven't been there on f1 2012.
    USA - I last drove on this track around November, so I don't remember
    Brazil - 1.08.8 without practice again. Options

    Steering Wheel: G27
    Assists: NONE
    Car: Most of them are done in a Toro Rosso in EQUAL CARS performance (ONLINE)
    Weather: CLEAR

    I'm pretty sure I can improve most of these laps tho. As I haven't recorded many of these laps, you can only see my Bahrain , Hungarian & Spain lap.
  3. w1n1x


    Melbourne: 1:23:6 Primes
    Malaysia: 1:33:3 on primes
    China: 1:33:4 on primes
    Bahrain:1:30:0 on primes
    Spain:1:19:8 on primes
    Monaco: 1:12:5 on primes
    Valencia: 1:36:5 on primes (i just can't feel this track)
    Silverstone: 1:30:2 primes
    Hockenheim: didn't really done a decent lap
    Hungary:1:18:8 primes
    Spa: didn't really drive
    Monza:1:19:5 on primes
    Singapore:1:40:1 primes
    Japan: 1:32:6 primes
    Korea: this track doesn't suit for me,i'm very noob at it
    Abu Dhabi: will come league race so i will improve until it
    India:Haven't been there , next league race will be india
    Usa:Haven't been there
    Brazil:1:09: 5 on primes

    Steering Wheel: G25
    Car:Mostly Mclaren or Sauber in online or in quick race the mclaren