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Featured Your 2017 F1 predicitons revisited!

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Jimlaad43, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. Jimlaad43

    Nice apex, I'll take it! Staff Premium

    1 week before the first race of this season, I asked you 15 questions about the (then) upcoming season of Formula 1. 8 months later, and one absolute belter of an F1 season later, we have the answers. It's time to see how we did!

    In total, 38 people gave (sensible) answers.
    • Who will win the Drivers Championship?
      • Lewis Hamilton - 45% were correct.
    • Which team will win the Constructors Championship?
      • Mercedes - 58% were correct.
    • The top 3 drivers in the Drivers Championship will be...
      • Hamilton, Vettel, Bottas - Only 8% got the top 3 in the right order correct.
    • Who will out-qualify their team mate the most? What will their head-to-head record be? (20 races)
      • Vettel 15-5 Raikkonen - (Massa and Alonso outqualified team mates the most, but all 20 races were specified in the question (meaning Hulkenberg's 15-0 shut out of Palmer also didn't count). Both missed a race unfortunately. Am I being picky? Of course I am :sneaky:) - 0% said Vettel. Reading through this there was way too much hope for Raikkonen this season...
    • Which drivers will win a race?
      • Hamilton - 95%
      • Vettel - 92%
      • Bottas - 92%
      • Verstappen - 74%
      • Ricciardo - 82%
      • Wrong answers included a load for Raikkonen, a good few for Massa, a couple for Perez and one for Hulkenberg. - 31 in total.
    • How many teams will score a podium finish?
      • 4, Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull, Williams - Yes, you read that right. Lance Stroll was the only non-Mercedes, Ferrari or Red Bull to stand on the podium!- 26% said 4 teams.
    • Will any drivers be replaced (if yes, who for who?)?
      • Wehrlein by Giovinazzi - 1
      • Alonso by Button - 3
      • Massa by Di Resta - 1 (not specified)
      • Kyvat by Gasly - 4(some not specified)
      • Palmer by Sainz - 1 (not specified)
      • Sainz by Kvyat
      • Gasly by Hartley
      • Kvyat by Hartley
      • Yeah, Toro Rosso got all a bit confusing by the end of the season. Some people didn't specify who a driver would be replaced by, but a lot of people wrote "No", and boy did they get proved wrong.
    • Will Sauber score points (If "yes", how many)?
      • Yes, 5 - 87% were correct, 13% got the points total too.
    • What will be the biggest controversy of the season?
      • Obviously this is subjective, but here's a good list
        • Vettel and Hamilton colliding behind the Safety Car in Azerbaijan. - Someone said Vettel and Hamilton colliding. I'll give you that.
        • Force India's inter-team collisions.
        • Toro Rosso sacking Kvyat twice. - Not mentioned "twice", but mentioned as a controversy.
        • Grid Penalties, especially Italy.
        • Verstappen's (100% totally fair and just) post-race penalty in Austin.
        • Ferrari team orders in Monaco and Hungary
        • Other correct statements included "Red Bull drivers colliding (Hungary)" and "McLaren leaving Honda at the end of the season"
    • How many Red Flags will there be during races?
      • 1, Azerbaijan - 16% were correct.
    • Who will take the most pole positions?
      • Lewis Hamilton, 11 - 76% were correct.
    • Which race will be the best of the year?
    • How many wet races will there be (at least 1 driver running on Intermediate or Wet tyres)?
      • 2, China and Singapore - 8% were correct.
    • At what race will McLaren-Honda first get both cars to the finish?
      • Azerbaijan (Round 8) - 3%, and even then, they said "Canada or Baku", so I was very close to being harsh and counting it as a wrong answer. They were saved by everyone else being wrong.
    • At which race will the Drivers Championship be decided?
      • Mexico (Round 18) - 26% were correct.
    How many questions did you get correct? Did you expect the season to go the way you expected? Use this thread to share your fondest memories of the season. Why not share some interesting statistics about the year? Leave your thoughts below!
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  2. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    Who would write "no" on drivers being replaced. IIRC. There has just been one season in F1 history with no driver replacements during a season and that was 2008 (However, Super Aguri went bust after 4 races, so it wasn't the same set of drivers in all the races that year either!)
  3. rubaru


    I guess I'm the 3%?

    Also, might want to define what it means for a driver to be replaced. I wasn't thinking of the temporary kind, but I was completely wrong anyways thinking it would be Stroll.
  4. Jimlaad43

    Nice apex, I'll take it! Staff Premium

    A driver racing in a new car. So Kvyat actually raced in Sainz's car in Austin and Hartley in Kvyat's. Then Gasly went back into his car and Hartley took Kvyat's seat - which was in Sainz's car.

    If that makes sense :roflmao:
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  5. Qazdar Karim

    Qazdar Karim

    Where are the prizes ??
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  6. gamer19


    Seems like you haven't been reading the topic on your own website.
    People have spoken ! And people here decide it was more or less fifty-fifty. :geek:
    Which is quite way off from "100% totally fair and just". Not saying I'm one of those.
  7. Jimlaad43

    Nice apex, I'll take it! Staff Premium

    That's why it's a controversy, people are disagreeing with he correct decision.
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  8. Jolero02


    As much as I wanted the penalty to be unjust, sadly it was 100% fair (to the rules). However I think the contrevercy that weekend was over the general track limits issues and while I would say there were none that truly matched verstappen's off track overtake, there were many instances of drivers clearly gaining time by running wide that weekend( and in past weekends)