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Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme Mods' started by grumbel, Apr 16, 2014.

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  1. grumbel


    There are already a few remote HUDs for rFactor available, but I couldn't find one that quite fits my needs. I looked a into:
    • vracingDisplay, doesn't display enough info
    • DashMeterPro, has the basic car info, but lacks stats on other drivers
    • rfDynHUD nice, but doesn't have a remote display component
    • rF-SkinHUD looks good, but seems to have disappeared from the Internet
    • Z1 Dashboard, to expensive
    On top of that I wanted something I could run on an older non-OpenGL Linux laptop and I don't think any of them would do that. So I wrote my own HUD, it's fully Open Source and easy to customize. You can drag&drop the widgets around, resize them and since it's all written in Python2.7, Gtk and Cairo it's very easy to write new widget if you have to.

    A prebuild version of the rFactor plugin .dll is available at:
    The client side is currently only available in the Git repository, as it's still rather unfinished, buggy and not exactly ready for a release:
    A proper release might follow a few weeks down the line.

    Finally a little screenshot:


    If somebody has some suggestions or feature request, let me know.
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