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  1. William Elgh

    William Elgh

    anny one hawe a step by step on how to create xpacks with xpacker?
    becouse it wont work 4 me :frown:
    i hawe the object i want in .3ds format and the textures in .DDS

    so now i want a step by step becouse when i create an xpack it shows up in the xpansion pack folder but there is no objeckt in objeckt tab...

    and my xpack saves in D:\Program\BobsTrackBuilder\XPacker\XPacks
    and then i .zip it and place it in D:\Program\BobsTrackBuilder\XPacks
    am i doing wrong?

    all help will be usefull thanks:)
  2. R Soul

    R Soul

    Start XPacker
    Set the XPack Name
    Click on Create Empty XPack
    The other fields in the XPack tab are optional. If Date and/or description are changed, click on Save.

    To add an object, click the Object tab.
    Click on Add, find your .3ds/.dae file
    I've never worked with dae, but with 3ds you can set the units and scale if necessary. Then click on Import .3ds.
    You can organise the object tree by putting \s in the path name, e.g. veg\trees\tree1, veg\trees\tree2 etc.
    If you make any changes, the Save button will become active, so you have to click on it for those changes to persist.

    When you've finished, click on File > Zip to BTB, and that will put the zip in BobsTrackBuilder\XPacks.

    So there aren't that many steps. From your description it looks like you were manually zipping it up. Another possibility is that there's something wrong with the 3ds file. Try using house.3ds (from the btb support folder).

    You might also have problems if you tell BTB to unload an XPack and then load it again. After unloading, the zip file remains in your project folder until you save your project. So if you just unload and reload, you'll still be using the original zip file. You have to unload, save, then reload.

    On a slightly unrelated note, updating an XPack can be a pain if it's being used by one of your projects. Rather than removing all objects and unloading the XPack, you can use this batch file I wrote:
  3. William Elgh

    William Elgh

    many thanks works perfect!:D
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