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xpacks. One shot only?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by kohnboy, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. kohnboy


    Am finding I keep making either the same mistake or do not yet understand xpacks.

    When you create an xpack do you need to include everything you want to have in that xpack before zipping it to BTB?

    I've created some textures for walls using logos of local companies. Wanting to see how they look in the game I add one logo/texture under a xpack called "logos". I zip it and the open BTB. It appears. I give it a go and it looks good in game.

    I then close BTB and go to work expanding the xpack.

    But when I do the same steps as when I created the xpack from the beginning- but with more logos/textures added I can see the 4 or 5 other logos/textures I've added to the xpack in xpacker. I can see them in the zip itself within xpacks.

    But when I open BTB to see and use them only the first "test" logo/texture is there.

    The 4 or 5 other new ones are not.

    So do you only get one shot at making an xpack? If so why is there an add function? I thought you can build these xpacks over time.

    I'm obviously doing something basic wrong- any help someone can give me on this would be appreciated as I do not want a long list of xpacks with one item in them hahaha....


    PS- this is addictive. Ran with 40 cars on "my" track last night.
    A great sense of accomplishment!
  2. Eric Tozer

    Eric Tozer

    When you zip to BTB it places the zip file in the

    C:\Program Files\BobsTrackBuilder\XPacks folder

    Copy your new zip file into your

    C:\Program Files\BobsTrackBuilder\My Projects\"your track"\XPacks folder

    & it will appear in your track.

    Make sure that anything already loaded in your track is still in the new xpack.
    Otherwise it will fail.

    It's also a good idea to make sure your project is not open when you copy it in.

  3. kohnboy


    Thanks Eric.

    This morning before work (and after writing the above) I quickly made a simple track and opened the same texture xpack that I was referring to above. Everything was in it.

    That made me think- as you say- that exporting it is one thing- but I need the xpack in the xpack folder of the main project as the project is recongizing that which has been linked to it already....

    Will give it a go tonight and see.
    Thanks for your help.
  4. -Jesse-


    I managed to do the "FAIL" thing. Now my track won't load. I don't have the old xpack anywhere or the objects inside it since it was for testing only. I also removed the test objects from the track before this, but now it doesn't open. How can I save my work?
  5. -Jesse-


    Problem solved. I recreated the objects and added them to xpack and now my track open again!:peace:
  6. Kurt Lehman

    Kurt Lehman

    xpack testing

    Here is a rule of thumb I use:

    1. create `test` track
    2. open xpacker, create `test` xpack
    3. add textures\objects to test xpack
    4. .zip test xpack
    5. start btb, open test track
    6. select `file\expantion packs\test xpack`
    7. test textures\objects in test track. if all work, close btb, without saving changes!
    8. open `btb\my projects\test track\xpacks, delete test xpack
    9. open xpacker
    10. select `file\open xpack`
    11. see step `3`

    note- adding new objects\textures and .zipping xpack does not overwrite xpack in project folder, only btb\xpacks! it must be deleted between tests and re-selected when test track is re-opened. by doing it this way, you will end up with a working xpack that can be used in a track to keep, with causing a loading error.

    hope it helps someone

    on Facebook-
  7. HAR_RJ


    I think the OP was talking about making an xpack, zipping it up into Bob's, then, start using those items in a track. THEN, adding more items into the same xpack, then trying to use those new items into the same track. I have done that and it doesn't work. I just make another xpack and then use for the track. Later, I go back and put all the same items in one and then you would have a usable xpack. I think that is what he was asking.
  8. Barbje_Keller


    if you create new model or textures in yours xpack, you can replace oldest xpack wiht new version, without risk. But if you make modification in model . Before replace you must remove all modified model in BTB poject... And then delate old xpack. and place new. All must worck without problem...
    If you forget some old (not modified) model in project, you every times can get them from Recycle Bin...
  9. R Soul

    R Soul

    Actually, you don't have to do that.

    When you add/remove things in XPacker, the necessary files and folders are stored in BobsTrackBuilder\XPacker\XPacks\XPackName. You can ignore the 'Zip to BTB' function and just copy the XPackName folder into BobsTrackBuilder\My Projects\ProjectName\XPacks. All object updates will be applied to existing objects.

    It's better for disk space if you use the Zip function, but who cares about a few megabytes if you don't have to manually replace all your objects each time the model is improved?
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