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XPacker replacing source DAE of objects

I'm adapting BTB for my game and I often need to update the models I use in my XPacks. It's becoming quite annoying to replace all my String objects before I can delete my old objects and then having to set new path for my new models and tweaks the materials.
I'm just wondering if there's an easier workaround to update the source models (DAE) of a XPack objects without having to make all the modifications listed above.

Also since I'm here, I have modified the GMT import script for 3ds max and I'd like to have more informations about what data is shared to it. For example, I couldn't figure if I have access to Venue name in the maxScript. Is there some kind of reference somewhere for the exported data?
Ok I figure a way to simplify the process, should have think deeper... I add my updated models and replace the materials. Then I simply copy the Objects .xml over the old, delete the replaced materials, reload the XPack folder and everything work.

But the rFactor export data references question is still valid. So if someone know a place I can find the data I can access in MaxScript from a rFactor type export.