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Xenon Racers Open Beta going live today!

Discussion in 'Xenon Racer' started by 3DCLOUDS Tommy, Feb 27, 2019.

  1. 3DCLOUDS Tommy

    3DCLOUDS Tommy

    Hi everyone!

    Starting today EVERYONE can drift in the Xenon Racer open beta! It's going live in about three hours, so this means that everyone who's interested can join and download the beta via the Steam store page of Xenon Racer.

    This open beta will run from February 27th 9:00am PST until March 6th 9:00am PST and will contain 4 tracks (of the 40 in total) and 2 cars (of the 18 in total).


    • Tokyo Garden
    • Tokyo Garden Reverse
    • Lake Louise Forest
    • Lake Louise Forest Reverse
    • Nebula R -GT-
    • Nebula R -GT- Performance
    • Nasuxu WPL 01
    • Nasuxu WPL 01 Performance

    Let us know your feedbacks guys!
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