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Misc XD junior 1.0

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sikjar submitted a new resource:

XD junior - Dash with info about tyres, temps and more

This is basically a copy of the legendary XD dash tool for GTR2. For now it only works with metric units, if anybody needs it, I can try to make a version for imperial units.

It works with SimHub, and can be displayed in VR via the CrewChief plugin.

View attachment 505036

It's obvious what most of the numbers mean, here's an explantion for the ones that are not so obvious:
Wear Now: Current tyre wear.
Wear +10 laps: Estimated tyre wear 10 laps from now.

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Great job looks great
A few comments.
The track (road) temperature is not correct.
Looks like you are using ambient temperature for the track temperature too?
Checked it in several sims and it is same fault.

You are selling it a bit short as it works with all the gmotor2 games and likely a lot of others too.
It is not Crewchief.dll that is needed for Simhub but rFactorSharedMemoryMap.dll

Or the emulated plugins that Yuca has made for the NoCd version of Gtr2 and Steam versions of Race 07 and GTL
As you can see on the above screen shot of Race 07.
Those 'plugins' you can find here:

As you can see i converted it to overlay and made the background transparent.
Not a big thing as Simhub does that for you with a few clicks.

Not to nick pick but you do not need to enable Write Shared Memory="1"
Likely better not to do that as is does cost a few FPS.

As you pointed out Simhub sometimes are not recognizing that the sim are running.
You can freely change between Rfactor, AMS and GTR2 as Simhub looks for the shared memory Map : $rFactorShared$

Anyway great job, looks great and easy to use.

Thanks for bringing this to GTR2 users :) Just wanted to let you know that upcoming plugin Beta will allow setting borderless mode in GTR2, which will make and GTR2 and SimHub work even better, so stay tuned!

Edit: and, beta supporting borderless window is out.
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Thank you for the feedback, I have updated the instructions a little bit.

I tested the dash again, and it does indeed look like the air/road temperatures are wrong.
There doesn't seem to be any way to fix it though, the values I get in Simhub are not right, so for now we just have to ignore those two values. Or you can simply delete them by editing the dash in Simhub Dash Studio.