xbox wheel maintenance/ upgrade

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Philip Brock, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. Philip Brock

    Philip Brock

    i have just finnished modding my xbox wheel, i have not done ne thing new to what has been mentioned on the web in the past. However as i have 3 wheels all now working as opposed to 1 hanging on in there. like i said the mods i have done are all ones i have come accross on the web however i have used various diffrent methodes to achieve the same end results as i dont have a fabricating factory in my garage or money to pay for these servises, although a vise and correct tools are essential im not into bodge jobs, for example to reduce the play in the wheel i cut down a old golf club and inserted it into the spindel using the taperd shaft of the club to hold the wheel firmly in place.
    i wouldnt recogmend ne one try doing this unless they r confident in fixing electricals
    plus it will VOIDE YOUR WANRENTY

    ne way im dont want to write down everything i have done to all wheels ans pedals but since the wheels r no longer for sale and the porche wheel is selling out i thought i would offer ne advise(as im pretty handy st this kind of thing) or try peoples suggestions on my spare whees for them.

    if you want more specifics on what i have done please ask. this is where i started looking;imode