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  1. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    Well, as I've quit the xbox league recently, I decided to share some crazy idea I had not so long ago.

    Those of you who know me know that at the beginning of f1 2011, i was the slowest guy and now I've, on the odd occasion, challenged the big boys. Much of this is due to just pure rational experimentation with focus on my driving and also, learning about racing lines and driving styles.

    Along with other racing drivers in the xbox championship league, a band of brothers (lol) we decided to go no assists, cockpit view and make the league as "realistic as possible". Hence, many of the guys are quick, some even in the top 100 TT etc but it's certainly more challenging, an enjoyable challenge.

    Most of the guys began practising for hours and days (including myself) and then some racers took it a step further including @Dylan Hember @Karl Fuss @Peter Hooper.These guys began recording lap times from race director at the end of online races and creating graphs and spreadsheets to analyse which racers performed best at different stages of the race and which tyres were most effective e.g. were primes as efficient in stint 1 as in stint 3?

    This was really useful and obviously, to be successful, strategy is crucial. However, for me, my main goal was to improve my driving. Playing rfactor with limited grip certainly helped as i raced to a podium finish at Malaysia but at China in practise, I was way off the pace - especially compare to @Noble 2909.
    I woke up one moring and I cursed the fact that f1 2011 xbox couldn't be more realistic in having telemetry like rfactor or the pc version. It certainly isn't possible to show brake application and throttle....On the other hand, what do we have? Measures of speed and distance. By graphing these in relation to each other, I could still obtain useful information in order to work out general differences

    So in my first post (13.8.12) I will give access to my spreadsheets showing telemetry.
    I have created different spreadsheets which require that the user is reasonable at interpreting data.
    My spreadsheet varieties include:
    1. General spreadsheets comparing my overall lap with Noble (fastest guy on xbox if you didn't know.
    2. Specific focus on corners - far more useful. I'll explain why later (if you can't figure it out;))
    (see example in 3.)
    3. Specific braking analysis
    4. Specific throttle analysis.

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  2. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    The telemetry should i theory, allow drivers to analyse how to: adapt braking, racing line/steering throttle and gears . let me confirm, I DIDN'T IMPROVE MY DRIVING BECAUSE OF TELEMETRY but it highlighted some areas that needed tweaking e.g at China, i realised i was braking too hard, too early and losing too much speed into corners. I ended up a creditable 5th, only 11 seconds behind the winner of the first race at Oz. I also got 2nd fastest lap of the race behind the race winner @Mark Greenall who walked away with it! (well, he got the two fastest laps himself and mine was 3rd lol)

    I believe my account should allow people to look at all my present spreadsheets although I will explain them individuallly in different episodes/posts - some are confusing or copies of previous similar spreadsheets.
    I'm off on a drive to visit family now but just wanted to give people an opportunity to get thinking, and see if this would be of any use to them. Cheers.

    @Chris Benham
    @David O'Reilly
    @ANDREW piennar
    @Chris Hempsall
    @Martin Ott
    @Euan Dunsmore
    @Gavin Hendley
    @Bram Hengeveld

    I couldn't think of any more guys who might be interested lol
    p.s.of course, you may think this is a load of tosh but it may be of use to someone out there!
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