WIP Xacobeo 2013

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  1. KieferDJW


    Hi everyone,
    I'm working on a 2013 version of Xacobeo. This time, there would be a longer layout (7.00 km) available, too!
    At the moment, the project is really at the beginning. In fact, that it would take a lot of time to finish the track, I've uploaded a early raceable version for you. Take care, that there are no ripple boards, terrain modifications, objects etc. placed yet. But if you think, Xacobeo 2013 could get a "race-proofed" - stamp I'll work on it every free minute! :thumbsup: So please, let me now your feedback

    PS: The fuel consumation isn't set wright, too. But I've not the time to test it. So feel free to change the value (xacobeo2013.aiw -> "fuel use") to what you think it should be and let me know the result. That would be an amazing help! Thanks in advance!

    GTR 2:
    https://dl.dropbox.com/u/84476123/Xacobeo2013 (GTR 2).7z

    GTR Evo / Race
    https://dl.dropbox.com/u/84476123/Xacobeo2013 (GTR Evo).7z