EU WTCR 2018 @ Norisring - Sun 04 Nov 2018

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  1. Mike Wyatt

    Mike Wyatt

    Well, that was an interesting pair of races to be sure. Getting P2 in quali was a surprise but then somehow I was able to get a jump at the start too and found myself in 1st place at the first turn. Since I'm usually behind a whole slew of cars at that first turn, finding myself in front was a shock and like an idiot I downshifted my normal 4 gears, and ended up in neutral right in the middle of the turn:p. I quickly threw it back into first but had lost all my momentum in that turn and could only watch as @M4LLY pulled away as we exited. I chased him for a couple of laps and then was able to regain first when he made one of his rare mistakes and went wide in turn 4. We raced side by side for almost a full lap when the racing gods decided to end my folly and put me back in my place - last place to be exact.

    Anyway, that was the most exciting part of the first race, then in the 2nd race I had a severe leg cramp just a couple of minutes in and not only crashed but took out poor @FeltHat in the process. My apologies, Rad:redface:. While it was obviously not my day for a good finish, I still had lots of good racing and overall, enjoyed it.

    Here's my video:
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  2. Martin Fiala

    Martin Fiala
    Moving Chicane Premium

    Guess @FeltHat was quite unlucky (again)...I took him out in the first race :(

    At least the second race was quite fun, I didn't crash anyone as far as I know (apart from some slight bumps here and there) and I even managed to have an actual race for a change...

    Thanks for the race!
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