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EU WTCR 2018 @ Bathurst - Tue 16 Jul 2019


A legend in my own mind...
Staff member
Sep 28, 2009
WTCR 2018.jpg

Welcome to the R3E racing club! This is the place to be for relaxed, friendly racing and our events are open to everybody from rookies to the seasoned pros. You will always find people around your level to battle with, so jump on in! If you need any help the don't hesitate to ask on TeamSpeak... there's no such thing as a stupid question!

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Server Name:
RaceDepartment.com EU Tues
Cars: WTCR 2018
Track: Bathurst

Tuesday 16/07/19
19:00 UTC (30 minutes)
Qualifying: 19:30 UTC (15 minutes)

Warmup 1: 19:45 UTC (5 minutes)
Race 1: 19:50 UTC (20 minutes)

Warmup 2: 20:10 UTC (5 minutes)
Race 2: 20:15 UTC (20 minutes) - Reverse grid to 5 places

Entry List
- 32 slots
  1. Ross Garland (Ask me anything in TeamSpeak)
  2. Steve Le Gallez
  3. FeltHat
  4. Roy Magnes
  5. KKJUN
  6. Anders Nilsson
  7. Free slot
  8. Free slot
  9. Free slot
  10. Free slot
  11. Free slot
  12. Free slot
  13. Free slot
  14. Free slot
  15. Free slot
  16. Free slot

Reserve list
  1. Reserve
  2. Reserve

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Steve Le Gallez

Nov 15, 2014
This will be my last race for a while. I will be without internet for racing, but i’ll still be about on my phone.


A legend in my own mind...
Staff member
Sep 28, 2009
Well that's worrying... BSOD crash. :confused: Been years since I saw one of those, hopefully nothing serious. One day S3 might even allow people to join in the warmup sessions... :whistling:

Roy Magnes

Gentleman Driver
May 25, 2009
You're sure doing a lot to get out of that pole position for race 2, eh? :laugh: