WTCC @ Macau, Thursday, November 29th 2012

Tim Meuris

sorry I miscalculated the hour of the start
was confused with the whole gmt-thing
won't be able to make it cause I have to get up early tomorrow
sorry guys

Loz Reid

Race 1: good race chasing Guus and Aricuic

Race 2: chasing a volvo, i turn and have a lot of grip.. instead of kissing the wall, it rips my front end off and spins me round =/

Richard Hill

Sorry to Ian for the second corner crash just watched the replay was a huge crash tryed to avoid the crash between you and a Chevrolet but couldn't stop intime

Justin Swan

Good race all. Some carnage as was expected but the level of driving was good and clean from what I could see around me. The old BMWs were too quick for the rest of us but I'll settle for 2nd overall.
Well done Duco for your win in Race 1 and Mate in race 2 :)
that was really good sorry if contact was made during first race but it was unavoidable coming around the corner and seeing a pile up.....really awesome turn out...i was holding 2nd place for ages till i got puncture lol could not catch the older bmws at all....enjoyed:)

Ian Gethin

Sorry to Ian for the second corner crash just watched the replay was a huge crash tryed to avoid the crash between you and a Chevrolet but couldn't stop intime
Yeah - was an interesting one!
No problem Richard - wasn't really anyone's fault, just one of those places where "stuff happens"
Got suspension damage, battled on, but eventually caught the wall / barrier, and broke it (after the flag came out - only needed to finish the lap I was on)
Really enjoyed both of the races though. I like a challenge.

Dennis Phelan

I hadn't been here in a long time and it took running laps all thru quali to get me back up to speed. It's as nice and ugly as I remember it, a fun track to race on and give your all to. Great fun in R1, sorry to have held up most of the field when I plowed into the ol' beeemer sitting sideways in the track on L1. After loosing the front splitter, rolling and ending on the roof I figured it was a good time to quit the race and open a lane of traffic.
enjoyed it much. My "super torque" old volvo gave me lots of pleasure :))) 2nd race, i was 9th at grid, but took 2nd place after start. Followed Mate for a couple of laps, however, i couldn't took the 2nd corner since i lost concentration with the crash of Mate at that corner, and i also span. but then, finished 4th. Thanks to everyone.
After a few hours of practice i knew that the straights will me my doom.

4'th with 1.31.9 i think.

Got a decent start and was 3'rd coming into the first tight corner (and yay !! i survived it).
Then after hitting the walls a bit, my stright line speed dropped off 20km and i was a sitting duck loosing 2 seconds in the last sector.
Got picked up from behind and finished 5'th.

Great start, managed to pass everyone in front of me before the dreaded curve, and don't know how 2 BMW from further behind managed to pass me also.

Overshoot the breaking and waited for most of the pack to drive by.
Started chasing down the pack from 10'th (not sure).

All was wheel untill i hit a roadblock in the middle of a blind curve, managed to break just enough as not to damage the car (just suspension).
After the road cleared i settled in a race pace and made my way up to 6'th, where in the heat of the battle tapped from behind a honda (sorry i probably should have waited).
In the end, after a few cars spun, i manged to finish 3'rd.

All in all a good race, and clean driving (from my point of view).

Good luck till next time!
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