WTCC '87 @ Birubi SouthernCross - Saturday June 5th 2010

Hm, this looks promising... I'm not familiar with the track and I have to set up my online version of Evo (but first of all I have to get home early enough), so yes, do sign me up as a 'maybe', please. Furthermore, I would be using this skin (if everything goes according to plan): link - so please include it in the list, if possible. Cheers!
Sign me up as well please !

Seeing Jack got disconnected in Pos.1 GT1 LeMans and I dont have to drive for 3 hours I got plenty of time lol :D
I wasn't half bad with default setup and modified gear ratios - which were messed up, because I came in at the last minute during practice session and I made some quick adjustments before the start of the race. Unfortunately, my connection was lost. Probably due to the fact, that I installed the game, the track and everything else just moments before entering the race and I forgot to open up ports on my router... :D 'Twas fun to race anyways. :)
Was a blast thanks for organizing and thanks to all racers.

Had good speed on this track and got me a win 1st race.
2nd race however I never got to do my own racelines and just fighting so hard to make passes burnign up my tyres like there was no tomorrow haha.
Overtaking on this track....good ffing luck.
So ended up catching anders in 2nd but then time was make things worse on straight before last corner my phone rang and I decided to answer....needles to say that wasn't to smart lol..ended 5th instead 3rd :p



Good old 87's,provided loads of good racing for me tonight,mainly with Kjell and Anders race one,early laps trying to hang on to Yves and Ries with limited success ;p,until Yves lost it badly exiting the final turn handing me 2nd place,then Kjell arrived for some fun and waited for my mistake,and he was there ready to pass when i made my mistake at the final turns section,just held off Anders and chased Kjell right down to the finish flag,but stayed in 3rd :).

Race 2 very rubbish bogged start losing a couple running up the hill,from then on various bits of nice action then ending up getting a pass on Kjell and looking back at a recovering Ries closing in and then getting a pass done on me,i kept steaming on as good as i could and picked up another spot getting to 4th and late in the race really closing on Jesper for 3rd,on the final lap i think Jesper was first to be distracted by Ries going off where i went off race one,so he went very wide and lost speed,i made a move for a pass and try and steal 3rd coming out the last turn,but my eyes went all like Marty Feldman watching Ries recover and the other eye watching Jesper :p,the result was no pass for 3rd,but a good enough finish in 4th after a busy race right to the final seconds ;D.
Grats Ries and David and good job all there tonight.

Thank You Remco & RD
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