WTCC 2006 - Macau 06

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Macau is a street circuit with an exhilarating combination of long, fast straights and sharply twisting corners. It is recognized as one of the most demanding circuits in the world.

The most prominent feature of Macau is the almost claustrophobic closeness of the walls at all times, turning the slightest mistake into a certain disaster that will end your race and possibly block the track completely.

At points the track is only 3½ meters wide and it has the tightest hairpin in modern racing... it almost makes the track in Monaco look wide and easy in comparison.

As if the walls, the tight and twisty turns and the very pronounced elevation changes are not enough, Macau is also the track where the championship is
traditionally decided, adding extra pressure on
the drivers and teams.

It's simply the ultimate challenge in WTCC.

WTCC LAPRECORD: 02:33.318 Andy PRIAULX (BMW 320si)

2:27.345 playaStlyah - ??
2:27.613 SanderH - Alfa 156
2:27.841 SAi - BMW 320si E90

2:29.174 Robbe[RPM] - Seat León
2:29.296 WOOFER[RPM] - Seat Leon
2.29.343 Syltas Grabb - Alfa 156
2.29.645 Kasper Jensen - BMW E90.
2:29.946 henY[RPM] - Seat Leon

2:30.037 The-Hamster[RPM] - Seat leon
2:30.349 TheStig[RPM] - Alfa Romeo 156
2.30.500 {StigS}Memoo-Alfa156
2:30.859 Racemaus[RPM] - Alfa 156

2.31.440 Neo[RPM] - Honda

2.32.551 Donutman

2:33.085 Scyp[RPM] Seat Leon
2:33:132 spoon[RPM] Seat Leon

2:36.088 Bluebird - Seat Leon

~List UP-TO-DATE~ :)

PLZ write your time like this.. so i can copy paste
0:00.000 yourname - car

PS: if you already have a time just write down your time like 0:00.000

thank you!

Bram Hengeveld

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Dec 26, 2006
Keith_D said:
2:26.879 Rykard66

What was he in, a helicopter? :D
unoffial times, not verifyable for us yet... first we need a hotlapdatabase

Sai Yip

2:27.841 in BMW 320si E90

here's a video with it


Sai Yip

the run has a tap to the wall which could have been easily avoided at the mardarin corner. but besides that minor tap which wouldn't gain me any speed, i would say the entire was clean and legit??

btw sander, would you be kind enough to tell me what kind of time did you got down to in macau? i've only seen the video of you running 2:28.7, but i'm pretty you had a faster run.
Dec 29, 2006
2:28.1xx so far, but I did that one more than a month ago :lol: But I'm confident I can make it to the 27's as well, I'll do some laps tomorrow :wink:

Sai Yip

from the beginning i've read things about you and you are somewhat a figure for me to test my own abilities. you are my inspiration sander~~ 8)

for the time that rykard66 had made, i am in question if really the run was clean, as I dont see there is any room for improving a full second to be honest. A friend of mine had actually made a ridiculous time with some sort of wall riding, which got him down to 2:23.4.

anyways, here are the rest of my time record for each car running in macau
2:27.841 Best Time-All Cars_VMtYToVVIj8X.jpg
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