WTCC 2006 - Estoril 06

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Robert Wiesenmüller

RaceRoom eMotorsports Manager
Jan 4, 2007
The Autódromo do Estoril (officially: Autódromo Fernanda Pires da Silva) is a 4.36 km (2.709 miles) race course in Portugal, and the home of the Formula One Portuguese Grand Prix from 1984 to 1996.

The Estoril circuit was built in 1972 on a rocky plateau not far from Estoril, Portugal, the beach resort lending its name to the circuit. The course has two hairpin turns, noticeable elevation changes, and a long start/finish straight. Estoril became a popular event on the F1 calendar, the setting for many well-known moments including Jacques Villeneuve overtaking Michael Schumacher around the outside in 1996, and Riccardo Patrese being momentarily launched onto two wheels after colliding with Gerhard Berger on the main straight in 1992. Estoril was dropped from the F1 calendar for the 1997 season, though it continued to play host to top-level single-seater, sports car, Dallara World Series and touring car events, including the FIA GT Championship, the DTM and the World Series by Renault.

1:47.117 Sander Hogendoorn - Alfa Romeo 156
1:47.5XX Rickard[RC] - Seat León
1:47.592 Maik Peters - Seat Leon
1:47.906 Robert Wiesenmüller - Seat León
1.47.943 Kent Karlén - Alfa 156
1.47.971 Simon James - Seat León

1:48.2XX Mikael Hellen - Honda Accord
1:48.808 Maurice Hurkmans - Alfa 156

Maik Peters

Dec 26, 2006
1:48.086 WOOFER[RPM] - Seat Leon
1:47.592 WOOFER[RPM] - Seat Leon

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