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WTCC 2006 - Brno 06



Brno is popular with both fans and drivers, and you can always expect great battles all around the track when the WTCC cars visit the Czech Republic. It's a wide circuit with many overtaking opportunities.
The circuit is built in a natural bowl which is banked in places to offer spectators an excellent view, this also means that Brno constantly changes in elevation as it sweeps across forested hillsides and its fast undulating corners really test driver talent and engineering to the limit.

The track features many slow to midspeed corners with varius radius, and demands a setup that's well balanced at those speeds, but still able to navigate the very fast sweeping first turn. Exit speed is key, as almost all corners lead to a potential overtaking possibility.

The 2006 WTCC event at Brno was held in front of a record crowd, the largest for a car race since the new circuit was inaugurated in 1987!!

[video width=400 height=300:59782ce844]mms://vipeurosport.yacast.net/eurosport/wtcc/2006/brno_english-race1.wmv[/video:59782ce844]


2:09.870 Marko Hartikainen - BMW 320si E90

2:10.190 playaStlyah - Seat León
2:10.255 Sander H - Seat León
2:10.535 Richard Johansson - BMW 320si E90
2:10.670 Rami[RPM] Alfa 156
2:10.882 SAi - BMW E90
2:10.901 WOOFER[RPM] - Seat León
2:10.931 Neo[RPM] - Honda

2:11.235 Rickard Javanainen - Seat leon
2:11.852 Bram Hengeveld - BMW E90
2:11.857 Robbe[RPM] - Seat León
2:11.871 {StigS}GreasedL - Alfa 156
2:11.886 Syltas Grabb - Alfa 156
2:11.928 henY - Seat León

2:12.374 übersteuern - BMW 320si E90
2:12.396 Scyp[RPM] - Seat Leon
2:12.448 Maximus[RPM] Alfa156
2:12.6xx #46Vale Alfa156
2:12.716 senor barriga - Seat Leon
2:12.929 JimbobQ Alfa 156

2:13.119 Racemaus[RPM] - Alfa 156
2:13.296 Wad53 Seat Leon
2:13.354 Wido[RPM] - Seat
2:13.4xx raceheart Alfa 156
2:13.717 bestwxw - BMW

2:14.140 PureOwnage[RPM]
2:14.240 MrMystic[RPM] - Seat Leon

2:17:767 evonglan - Chevy

Sai Yip

everytime i decided to break a barrier....i end up breaking many at a time...
here's another one

2:10.882 - E90 (yes...E90 again~)


Henrik Stoldt

07/2/18: 2:13.218 (seat leon - default setup(changed gears)) training session @ rpm :)
07/3/4: 2:12.797 (seat leon)

Igi Sansez

What i have to do to show my hotlap?

New Lap Record in Alfa 156