WTCC 08 @ Warwick Farm - Wed March 24th 2010

David Zafiu

May 12, 2009
This was my worst race ever,but i'm not mad at all.I was when in the race but now i can see clear that isn't a good reasone for getting mad or nervous!
Nice race,clean,fair.In first lap i'v had 2 big freezes with black monitor and in the 2nd freeze somebody hitted me because the brake remaind blocked on 100%.Sorry for that guys! So,from p3,dirrectly to last.I was knowing that i have no chance anymore,i was nervous and driving very bad.Also because of my feelings from that accident,i started to deconcentrate and hitted Luis several times while i was behind him.Only in last lap i realised that if i was keeped going fast ,i was having chance to a podium,but it was too late.3 or 4 guys retired in last lap and 9th palce was mine.I didn't strugeld at all for that place:biggrin:

Hope for better next time! Jari,you don't have to be mad,for what?at the end,like Bram sas,it's just a game.If you haved fun untill last lap,it's great! Thank you Luis for understanting and sorry again.It's wasn't "me" that guy who hitted you,i was derutated and frustrated by the situation!

Thank you Yves and RaceDepartment!

János Ócsai

Feb 19, 2009
Ah, I was too tired for this race. Don't know what I expected after 12 hrs of work and a beer. ( Thought it will relax a bit, but it did too well) So advice: don't drink and drive...:cool:

Sorry to everyone I held up or made them do unexpected manouvers. Right at the first race had a phone call, could barely jump into the seat before time is up. Concentration level zero...
Tried some tweaking with the setup to eliminate the heavy understeer but without success. If I tried to steer into the corner a bit more aggressively to induce a bit oversteer, then the rear wheels lost grip instantly. I killed the rear tires very early.

As I see the fuel calculator tricked everyone :wink:
I could push the car to the finish only because I had a 2 laps handicap...:tongue:

See you next time. Hope I will do better...
Thx Yves and RD...

Remco de Wildt

May 16, 2009
Yeah my second race here and won :):)...with a bit of luck tho ;)

Qualified 4th pos and had a good start, took 2nd pos. Was struggling to get my pace the first 4 laps so back to 4th pos after a few corners in the first lap.
In the 2nd lap David suddenly stood still because of a freeze which gave me almost a heartattack... back to 3rd pos.

Tried to hang on 3th pos and had some small fights with Mikal but was able to defend the 3rd pos.
Finally got my pace back in lap 4 or 5. Matt took 4th place and was now behind me and pushing.
I was able to gain some space and focussed on my pace and tires.

Rikard made a mistake in 2nd pos halfway the race which gave Matt and me a position and slowly Matt got smaller and smaller in my rear mirror.

Jari was way ahead of me but suddenly he got closer very quick in 3/4 of the race. Still had some tires left so try to push a bit more, in the 12th lap I was close and after a mistake he made, I was able to take 1st pos with 2 laps to go. No cars in my rear mirrow so turned on the cruise control and secured the 1st pos.

To bad there was only 1 race tho...but still had fun!!

Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan

Mr. C
Jan 16, 2010
wow...i wasn't here...that bad i was.din;t like the track..but offline practice i did a 1.29.834 but in quali after just coming home..did 1.31..din;t now why.
so 12 place on grid preaty usual trying to find my pace, but failed after to big mistakes last.i had a battle with a seat that was preaty cool:)

hope next track is better for me.

10-x RD

Martin Maaskant

Aug 24, 2008
A big sorry to Nicolas I rammed into him at the hair pin. Someone froze in front of him gave me a bit of a scare and due to that I forgot to brake at the right time. Sorry man. When the race was over you logged of so couldn't talk to you sooner.

Pieter Theron

Mar 12, 2009
I submitted something more than a week ago but don't know if anyone had the time to look at it because I haven't had any feedback yet ;)

Jari, if you have to explode after each race you do here, can you please drive somewhere else? This is now the third of fouth time you have such aggressive outbursts. Chill out and have some fun, it's game afterall

Jari Aikio

Nov 30, 2009
Im sorry for exploding no reason:frown:
I was mad to my self and so on..
Cooled down.
Was great race before i noticed i dont have fuel to finish race tryed to drive slow but 2laps before...
Cant help it again stupid mistake.. didnt remember 08 cars use more fuel than 07.
Dec 23, 2009
Well well. i got 7 place at the end.

Started way back and soon was up to 14 because to many went off track in the first few turns.
Then i got a BMW rejoin the track just in front off me:confused:. I made a error my self bye brakeing too late and away to last again.
After my good/bad first lap i started to close the gap to the drivers in front. My first problems was a Seat that was going off track and
then on again, makeing problems for the drivers behind. Thrid to flash ligths to tell him but no help. The driver did that 3 times.
My finaly heavy insident was when mr P Unt in a Honda, hit me in the rear. Off track i go , thru boards to pick up suspension damage.
Droping down again.
I managed to climb up the ladder to end up in 7 place.
Why was the damage sensitiv set to 60 ?. I personaly likes it higher.

I hope that race in the league is different.
Nice to see other norwegians driving too.
See you on the next event

János Ócsai

Feb 19, 2009
Erling, it must have been me. (Yellow-white BMW) Sorry for that, it took longer to rejoin than I expected, saw you in the last minute, but by that time couldnt move away.