WTCC 08 @ Sachsenring '67 - Sunday 23rd May 2010

Well, that sucked. My setup behaved really different from offline to online. I was more a sort of prisoner along for the ride:tongue: oh well..

Gratz to the podiums and tnx David:wink:
great fast track but evil if you make an error, had a great setup, got 2 excellent starts and normal in bmw :cool: but 2 dnf's still I had fun, thanks dave for arranging this th event.

look forward to next weeks race
Finally woke up in time for a Sunday event and it went alright I guess.

First race there was a bit of lag so coming round T3 I found my bonnet in the back of a Seat which balls us both up. I ended up off track so I spent a while trying to find my way back on. Took a pitstop for repairs and then spent the race gaining places due to other people crashing.

Second race was okay up until I hit a signpost. It had started to really chuck it down when Peter had an off at T13? so I slammed my brakes on which was a bad idea and my car wouldn't stop. So not happy with that as it was my first DNF and a lost 2nd place but that's the way it goes....

David Buxton

Race 1 was fun. Finished 2nd

Race 2 was fun. Was in second and pushed to had on the last lap and lost it killing the engine.

Better luck next time :D
Race 1: started 8th, had a little accident in lap 1. Tried to avoid Chris, went 2 tires on the kerb, and then suddenly it turned me around. (LOL hidden trap) When rain came I started to overtake people, managed to get ahead David! I couldn't pull away very much as the track started to get dry again and I lost my advantage (I had a setup for damp weather specifically). Before the last lap Nigel went to the pits again, so I could win! Lucky win, but I'm really happy as it's my first win with the Lada!

Race 2: started 8th again, had some fights during the race! Was pretty tough! Waited for the rain at the end, was already 2nd when it started, I was hoping that I'll catch Nigel, but then I lost more grip than I previously thought I will and hit the wall. Got a lot of damage, the car was almost uncontrollable, and even after I braked a lot earlier for the tricky double left hander, I couldn't turn in and destroyed the car:( After watching the end I believe the best strategy would be to stay out 'till lap 8 and put on wet tires. Didn't expect the track getting flooded in 2 mins:)

Grats Nigel for the win in 2nd race!

Thx David and RD for the event!

Nigel Atkins

well that was well worth getting out of bed after only 4hrs of sleep :cool:

quali wasent a good lap i nearly binned it at T3 so took it easy and got 3rd.

Race 1 got a good start up into 2nd, got borked a bit at the chicane and Dan was able to motor through to the lead. the a bit of contact between Dan & Areil and i managed to a squezze through into the lead, after that i pulled away easerly only to realise that i had miscalculated the race Laps and was going to run out, so after a frantic pit menu reset and then having a brush with the wall of death i pitted, after fuel was in i tried manualy start my car but nothing happend (i think auto start interupted even though i have auto pit off) so i reset my ignistion and fired her up but i had slipped down to 3rd finishing 13 secs behind David.

Race 2 started 6th but took it easy in 1st lap and droppend a few places but was soon moving up places, i had gambled on the rain would come just inside the pit window and after changing from drys to wets to drys back finaly to wets in the menu on the in lap, my gamble paid off and it was raing 7% as i left the pits, Peter was fairly close behind me so i new i couldnt take it to easy but he made a misake alwoing me to just run the laps of the the end :D

cheers David for setting up a great event that got me out my pit and 8am :fwd:
My first race on this track :)
Sign up in last minut :)
Race 1 in last lap I catch pillar of the lighting :) and kill car so dnf
Race 2 start second but don´t enough experience on this track so I leave other drivers to pass me and drive my own race and waited for the mistakes of others :) and finish second :)

Thanks David and RD

sorry for bad english :)

Mike Bell

One-time RDTCC Race Winner
very sorry i missed the race
as im 14 i still live with my mum and she dragged me out about 15 mins before the official practise start
hopefully ill make the next one
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