WTCC 08 @ Monza 08 - Tue December 8th 2009

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Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Dec 26, 2006
If anybody wants to join, please hurry and take the car of the names in red (sign up post)

Martin Bulgin

Jul 19, 2008
Sorry but I had to quit, terrible lag made it undrivable, I think it was only me, I upgraded to Windows 7 yesterday and wonder if it`s connected.

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
Sep 4, 2007
got sum sort of lag stuff going down. dissapearing cars then nothing. pfff :(

ah well at least it was long enough to decide i like the lada.

Mark Guy

Aug 21, 2008
Sorry guy's I had to do something I don't normally do and that's quit. I just couldn't concentrate.
and after taking someone off decided to stop.

Connor Caple

Slowest Racer in Town...
Nov 24, 2009
Thanks for the races guys - sorry about my bad decision at the start of the second race *blushes* Missed the braking point, had someone on my left and couldn't find anywhere to brake gracefully...

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Dec 26, 2006
Was nice having you Connor, hope you liked it! :thumb:

Oh boy, what a race night :)

Race 1:

Didnt do a good qualy time, although the lap it self was nearly perfect, but the Toledo lacks all top speed it seems :)

Had a good start and an epic fight with Olli Amos almost from start to finish, really really enjoyed our swapping of positions :D Great race, thanks for the great drive!

Race 2:

Tapped off in the second chicane and that completely wrecked my car. Thankfully the Ninecraft Kwik-Fit crew repaired the car and i could continue one lap down with some good fights and bump-draft-assistance to Jamie, James and others on the straight :)

Congrats to Maik for the dominant overall win in the Lada Sport car :)

Thanks for a great night of racing guys, enjoyed it really a lot! Good fun on TS as well!

Oliver Amos

Feb 24, 2008
Race 1

A good race. Had a great battle with Bram Trendell and managed to secure 3rd

Race 2

Got taken out early on and then accidentally hit Nigel which ended his race. Really sorry for that, I braked at the usual spot and gave you the smallest tap but it still knocked you off.

Overall, great race and thanks guys. :)

Keith Peppiatt

Apr 13, 2008
quali went well... scratching the low 2 mins popped me fourth... it was backwards from there...

race1. started well holding onto the front runners then a wee error by myself saw me slip down the order. had a wee tangle with mark in t1 but pushed him straight again on the exit. 2nd chicane though i'd committed to a move then as pulled out saw the incident ahead. cut the corner violently but still tapped mark around. slowed down to let him past again and as is the way in touring cars a few more benefitted from my error. anyway back to the action i went. somehow struggling with the set up which had served me so well at monza 07 in its last outing... still a few more errors as i struggled to get to grips with it saw me grab a sng... so going slow to make sure didn't get any more promptly picked up another. doh! crossed 14th place.

race 2. bit of a better start with hamilton getting a better one and swapping paint with just about everyone as he jostled this way and that to gain a few more places... that car was turbo charged. a car whizzed by on the grass as i turned in and profited by exiting in 8th. 7th place was then soon at hand and the the spin in the 2nd chicane. i avoided the walls but stranded on the outside while the whole field passed. still back into the groove nabbed a few places. came up behind dennis on about 1/2 distance and got caught out by his braking at 2nd chicane (my favorite incident spot tonight!) couldn't swerve out so cut took the penalty and i think put the mockers up dennis. sorry! closed up again and with dennis looking like back grip had left him took 10th spot on the final lap.

not my best Monza performance but probably my best qualifying so always positives to take from it.

thanks for organising! and great racing everyone!

Maik Peters

Dec 26, 2006
Oh that was great fun guys.

Race 1 well done C. Haba... :) You alien.

Race 2 went very well for me, but M Hulsbergen was very good in de defense :) Well done..

2x 2nd place with the super rocket fuel lada sport! :D

Philip Antonia

Jul 19, 2008
Off to work now, but I've been ticked off for not waiting in race 2. As I'd waited for Denis to come back on and rejoined almost last I thought I'd done the right thing, but if anyone else was left behind it's because I hadn't realised they were there.

I was also knocked off in race one and left behind, but I always wait and it's pretty upsetting after enjoying a nice race to get a bollocking over an honest mistake.

Now my work colleagues can enjoy my bad mood for the rest of the night.

Thanks everyone for the racing though. And apologies for the tap again Denis.

Ivo Simons

Apr 15, 2009
Lol what a car that S60. Thought it was fast on the straights but it wasn't. :D
What a tank.

Q: 12th i think couldn't get my 2.01 high

Race 1:

Slow off the line that S60. Usual scramble to T1 with cars standing still and spinning but made it through. In Turn 2 i got tapped from behind so spun against the wall. It left me a Suspension problem and a wheel 90 degrees to the left. Was all the way at the back. And fought myself to the midpack again. Had some nice battles with Michael in his C30 and some nice last lap battle with Warren who was just to quick with that Beemer out of mid speed corners so couldn't make a move. Finished 12th

Race 2:

Again a slow start and the usual spinning cars in T1. :D But survived again.
Got a nice race again with Michael and Haba. Finished 8th

Last time in the Tank what a terrible car!. :wink2:

Thanks Bram and see ya guys soon. :)

Dennis Phelan

Apr 8, 2009
WTCC, great cars!
Monza, great racing!
Thanks Bram amd RD!

Philip, In replay I don't see you fouling me, same for you Keith.

I did get slapped about and bumped a few times myself but there was a lot of close,enjoyable, racing going on in both races and not just among the leaders.

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Dec 26, 2006
@Phillip, i am not bollocking at all, only a clear judgment that your peugeot rammed me full from behind and i left the gravel trap in last position and heavy damaged, can't draw any other conclusion then can I?

Marcel Hulsbergen

#111 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs
Dec 29, 2006
This was one of my best races, atleast race 2 was.

Race 1, had a 5th quali time which i didnt expected I though i was still in practise lol. Then I saw Race1 starting and I was 5th. I had a reasonable start with the diesel, I still have to learn this thing. But lost some places and came back and crashed because of 2 other drivers in front of me crashed, this was my own fault I just pushed the brakes to hard and this was not needed at all. My suspension was wrecked and I knew it would be hard to pass others.
Then my goal was finish 8th, even if i got 7th I would let me pass to get 8, I wanted on pole in race 2.

I managed to get back to 8 and I was very happy about that.

Race 2, starting from pole with the diesel went well I managed to stay on P1 and had a hard time with Bram and a bit later with Maik. This was so much fun, I had to drive very defensive. Maik passed me finally but I could manage to stay with him on second. Then we both braked too hard and both spinned at the same time without hitting eachother. I managed to get on track a bit sooner and i was on P1 again.

There was a big gap now between me an Maik so I decided to drive safe but it was a bit too safe as Maik almost passed me at the finish, he was 0.072 seconds behind me. this was an awesome close finish, I just saw it on the replay.

Thanks for the race guys it is a nice come back for me after 2 years of alomost no activity.
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