WTCC 06-07/Vauxhall/STCC @ Dijon Prenois GP Friday August 13th, 2010

Eric Nelson



Class: WTCC 06/07/STCC/ Vauxhall Vectra 2007

Weather: variable! use link for forecast
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Start Time: 21:45 EDT / 18:45 PDT / 01:45 GMT (Saturday)
Practice: open server
Qualification: 10 mins SUPERPOLE
(9:45 PM EDST)
Warmup: 10 mins

Race: 2x16 laps 1 mandatory pit stop for 2 tires

Notes: Click here to read the password and golden rules!

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Eric Nelson

Dijon Prenois Gp is a great track for touring cars and GT cars alike! Great elevation changes and fast sweeping corners make this a great match of car and circuit!

Formerly hosting F1 this is a lost gem in the French inventory of circuits!

Dijon-Prenois is a 3.801 km (2.361 mile) motor racing circuit located in Prenois, near Dijon, France. The undulating track is noted for its fast, sweeping bends.
Built in 1972, Dijon-Prenois hosted the Formula One French Grand Prix five times, and the Swiss Grand Prix once in 1982. The first F1 race was run in 1974 on the circuit's original 3.289 km (2 mile) layout; with lap times under the 1 minute mark, there was an extreme problem with congested traffic between the race leaders and the backmarkers. Therefore, in 1975 an extension was added to lengthen the circuit as well as to reprofile many of its corners before the time F1 could return to Dijon in 1977. The 1979 French Grand Prix featured a memorable battle for second place in the final laps between Gilles Villeneuve's Ferrari and René Arnoux's Renault, which was finally won by Villeneuve. The race itself was won by Jean-Pierre Jabouille in the other Renault.
Although Formula One has not returned to Dijon since 1984, the circuit continues to be used today for minor, local races. These include club level events and Motorcycle racing.

Eric Nelson

Entry List:

  1. Eric Nelson
  2. Kevin Hopkins
  3. Linus Brostrom
  4. Adam Vaughan
  5. Keith Barrick
  6. William Yunck
  7. Glenn Petersen
  8. Willie Watt
  9. Dave Withers
  10. Robert Isles
  11. Rhys Gardiner
  12. Michael Carver
  13. Eric Estes
  14. Simon Gardener
  15. Dariusz Swider
  16. Bob Luneski
  17. Paul Wood
  18. Jesper Taulborg
  19. Glen Kabis
  20. Daniel Wood
  21. Bill Kaiser
  22. JArrod Keen
  23. Tyler scurlock
  24. James Fellowes
  25. Ryan Callan

MIke BEll
Wayne Douglas
Claudio Caferi
Duarte lopes
Graham Wilgaus
HEY EVERYONE!!!! I'm finaly back, and all the lag issues is GONE!!! sign me up please Eric
Sign me up --- even though this being a FAST track and fast tracks don't suit my driving style -- I might just surprise myself....
Looks like the usual suspects will be loading up for this race. Would be good to see another good turnout like last friday. Except last Friday that track was the death of me! Luckily I salvaged some good results. HURRY UP AND SIGN UP PPL LETS FILL THIS BEEEEEEEP OUT
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