WTCC 06/07/STCC @ Birmingham GP- Friday April 16th, 2010

Eric Nelson

We are recycling this event from 2 weeks ago since it's a great track for these cars and the INDY Cars are here this weekend along with Grand Am as a support series. So now you can pretend you have a ride with Will Turner's Team in Grand Am! he he he And it could be one of the tracks that ends up on the ATCC S3 line up as well!

Eric Nelson

Entry List:

  1. Rhys Gardiner
  2. Michael Carver
  3. Willie Watt
  4. Kevin Hopkins
  5. Glenn Petersen
  6. Blair Scott
  7. Daniel Wood
  8. Dennis Phelan
  9. Carl Gianetti
  10. Dave Stephenson
  11. Ryan Callan
  12. Marty Pierce
  13. Danny Asbury
  14. driver
  15. driver
  16. driver
  17. driver
  18. driver
  19. driver
  20. driver
  21. driver
  22. driver
  23. driver
  24. driver
  25. driver

Carl Gianetti

I have'nt been using Race 07 much Mostly RFactor. But I would like to give this a try. Are there any MOD downloads required other than the tracks.
Put me down for this one please.

Change this to a maybe. I stuffed my achilles tendon on my right foot today. a bit of pain at the moment so ill c how its going tomorrow and sat/fri and let u know
Another question.....,will there be a compulsory pitstop,last club race i did(GP-200) there was none,will this be the same.cheers Kev.
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